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Quick News! A.P.S. Tuner and A.P.S. Stopwatch NOW available for FREE

Although not officially “marketed” for the big “launch” yet, you can can get both A.P.S. Tuner and A.P.S. Timer for FREE right now! Both these apps comprise of components of our highly acclaimed A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro app.  A.P.S. Stopwatch: Get it from the Apple App Store Now!  A.P.S. Tuner Get it from the Apple App Store Now! Enjoy! ~A.P.S. Dev...

iOS 7 Update Arrives for A.P.S MusicMaster Pro – iPad Music App for Music Directors & Musicians

What If You Could Have More Confidence Tuning Ensembles Or Your Instrument?

What if you could have the confidence to tune your notes, instruments, and ensembles (voice or instrumental) and be accurate to within a 16th of a semi-tone with complete confidence?   The answer is… everything you are doing musically would improve -including the confidence level of your own tuning abilities.   A.P.S. Development LLC has just finished the development of an incredible iPhone/iTouch/iPad app that will surely bring rapid improvement to anyone’s ability to tune -all while practicing this skill in complete privacy: it’s called the A.P.S. Tuning Trainer (and it’s amazing!). For years I’ve observed students, beginning teachers and veteran teachers alike struggle with their ability to properly and accurately tune.   This is a skill set that I work on with all of our college students, at Grove City, from “day one”.   This is also...

The Beautiful, Sleek, and Functional A.P.S. Tuning Trainer