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A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro Ver 2.0 (iPad) -The inSIDE Scoop!

on Aug 14, 2012

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So Many New Things!

A.P.S. MMP New Eye-Tool!

A.P.S. Development LLC has just released their new version of the A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro, Version 2.0, to the Apple Store for review.   After Apple approves this title, it will be available immediately for download and is FREE to all existing/current users of A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro as an update!

There are literally dozens of new changes and tweaks in this build!   The official change-log is included below in this post (some small tweaks are not listed).  Here are the Highlights:

Complete Changelog of the A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro
Version 2.0 Build:

What’s New in Version 2.0?


· Retina Graphic Inclusion for “New” iPad Including some Icons/graphics and Score PDF Module Image Enhancements (not all of Version 2.0 has been converted to Retina yet)
· Minor text changes across the program
· Re-write of the User-Manual (Version 2.0)

Audio Module:

· Added the ability to export directly to SoundCloud including Social Media notification/sharing of upload(s) to:
o Facebook
o FourSquare
o Tumblr
o Twitter
· Added some minor functionality options to the pop-up Audio Player Controls
· Removed full-screen iPod Library Audio Selection and changed it to a beautiful pop-up/over

Internet Module:
· Better recognition of PDF documents in the internal browser for direct importing into the Score PDF Module

Score PDF Sorter Screen:
· Added AirPrint ability for Documents (for compatible AirPrint software/devices)
· Added the ability to “Lock” Documents from being saved/edited
· Added the ability to “Open” a document from the pop-up menu
· Added the ability to view documents as a list in addition to the previous thumbnail-view
· Added the ability to sort PDFs by Date (Oldest/Newest) and Alphabetically (A-Z & Z-A)
· Added a Whiteboard in Landscape orientation

Score PDF Main Screen:
· Completely re-wrote the Score PDF engine for version 2.0
· Added Retina enhancements for crystal-clear viewing on the “New” iPad (iPad 3)
· Added the ability to “Remove all annotations” to the annotation options and also changed logic so that a new annotation object appears in move/edit mode
· Added the ability to access and play the iPod Library and A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro audio files directly from within the Score PDF viewer and added some functionality to the pop-up audio player
· Added the ability to bookmark, recall, and name, re-name pages of any PDF
· Increased the speed of full-page to full-page flipping/browsing while maintaining document clarity
· Added an eye-tool where all edits can be hidden and re-called at a touch (works with both edit and move modes)
· Added a quick-view/go-to-page slider as part of the “move tool” and the slider includes page information and a graphic preview of pages as the slider is moved forward or backward
· Included the ability to view the quick-view-slider in both Edit and Move modes –also the ability to hide the slider in full-screen mode
· Added the ability for the user to quick-link between pages using start and end icons that may be placed and recalled anywhere in the document (may be hidden from sight with the eye-tool as well)
· Added a “white” pen and increased the pen sizes
· Added a “white” marker and increased the marker sizes
· Added the ability to erase any marking using the new eraser tool (located on the bottom toolbar in edit mode) –this is in addition to the undo-and re-do features of previous versions
· Add a laser pointer pen for drawing attention to specific areas of the documents including “hover” ability –the laser pointer works in both edit and full-screen modes
· Increased the responsiveness of the pen and marker drawing tools (no latency)
· Increased the clarity/sharpening of the document core
· Changed the move icon from a hand to a cross-hair
· Double tapping the screen, while in full-screen mode, will change the viewing mode from “expand document to full-height” to “expand document to full-width” and vice-versa

###End Ver 2.0 Changelog

When available, you will find it here at the Apple App Store (click-it!).   The score module updates make it truly an amazing music score ipad app (in addition to everything else!)


     ~APSdev Team!