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iOS 7 Users Update:  (9/25/2013) We are working toward a fix with the “text saving” issues in the audio & stopwatch modules – please note that the app will save your recordings and times, but will not label them -you are able to edit the audio name after saving.  

We also are aware that many of you are being “dumped” out of the ScorePDF module.  We are currently working on the solution for this as well.   These issues are currently affecting both the A.P.S. MusicMaster (iPhone) product and the A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro (iPad) product.   We are currently unaware of any issues with iOS 7 and the A.P.S. Tuning Trainer.   


A.P.S. Development LLC is a company formed with a specific and worthy purpose at its core:  The development of outstanding 21st Century mobile applications for Musicians, Artists, and Educators.

A.P.S. is lead by Music Education and Music Industry/Technology Experts: Professors Robert W. Smith MA, Joseph M. Pisano Ph.D., and Edwin P. Arnold Ed.D.

A.P.S. Development LLC was incorporated in 2011 in Pennsylvania.

Our first series of music performance and music education mobile applications was launched in May of 2011 and has expanded to include:

                                                  ~ A.P.S. Development LLC Team