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A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro (iPhone/Mini)

“The All-In-One Tool for Musicians”

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A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro

An iPad Application Presented by

C.L. Barnhouse Company

Conn-Selmer Inc. & Walking Frog Records

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In this age of mobile technology, shouldn’t every musician have a PDF viewer with the ability to highlight and markup their music or any other document? Shouldn’t that PDF viewer comewith a tuner, metronome, audio recorder, audio playback, stopwatch, playlists, score andaudio filing system and other useful tools right at the fingertips?

Introducing the A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro, an iPad application presented by the C.L.Barnhouse Co. and developed by A.P.S. Development LLC. The A.P.S. MusicMaster Probrings an All-In-One Tool to any musician in a convenient, easy-to-use format. Whether youare a conductor, performing musician, music educator or a student, you will find the A.P.S.MusicMaster Pro to be your most valuable and favorite electronic tool!

The A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro is available through Apple’s App Store for only $4.99!
Buy & Download this directly from the Apple App Store: A.P.S. Music Master Pro Link

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Find out more about the various version updates and links to downloadables here:
A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro Information/Support

View a view overview / review of this amazing music iPad app here:

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A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro includes:

PDF Viewer and Annotator to read/use in rehearsals or performances, and markup/savedocuments including:

Chromatic Tuner with Pitch Pipe

Audio Recorder and Player



Calendar (Integrated)


Internet Browser (Integrated)

Instrumental Fingering Charts

Instrumental/Vocal Ranges

Musical Terms and Translations

VGA Enabled for display on any VGA monitor/projector and more!

IT’S HERE! A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro for iPhone/iPod touch

Want the inside scoop? -download the A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro Users Manual (ver. 1.0).